1963 Coupe

These unique metal sculptures are unlike any Corvette® collectible you've ever seen! The craftsmanship and material convey the power and energy that are the essence of the Corvette.

CarArtWork offers a two-dimensional, stylized, brushed metal cutout of the Chevrolet® Corvette or Corvette emblem — in an array of models and designs from 1953 through 2014.

The Corvette emblems are available in both mounted desktop models and wall hangings and range in size from 15 to 36 inches wide.

The Corvette sculptures are approximately 17 inches long by 5 1/2 inches high and are mounted on flat metal bases. Each work is an artistic representation; an easily recognizable detailed image of a Corvette — an exceptional work of art.

Anyone who currently owns a Corvette, anyone who has ever owned a Corvette or anyone who aspires to own a Corvette will want to add these high quality, unique pieces of automotive art to their personal collection of Corvette memorabilia.