Corvette Shadowbox


The shadowbox is fashioned out of a 1 1/4" Black Satin Wood Cube molding with an outside mat selected to match your Corvette. A black 100% rag mat is used for accent. All mats are premium conservation quality material. The Corvette and accompanying emblem are floated between the mats. Overall size is 26 x 11 inches.

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Available Models:    
1953-55 Roadster
1958-60 Roadster
1961 Roadster
1962 Roadster
1963-64 Coupe

1970-72 Coupe
1984-91 Coupe
1992-96 Coupe
1997-2004 Coupe
1997-2004 Convertible
2001-04 Z06 405 HP

2003 50th Anniversary Coupe
2003 50th Anniversary Convertible
2005-10 Coupe
2005-10 Convertible

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